About us


LCL Grup SRL is active on Romanian market through following divisions:


LCL Financial Recruitment is the first specialized financial recruitment company from Romania. LCL Consultants have over 10 years experience in financial and accounting field which represents a competitive advantage in relation with our partners, clients and candidates.

LCL Financial Recruitment

Great people.Great business.


LCL Career Counseling is our new division!





LCL Financial Recruitment will help you to identify in the optimal time the most suitable persons to fill job vacancies in your business.

LCL Financial Recruitment is the first recruitment company in Romania specialized in financial, accounting and financial institutions.

We find right person in terms of both professional and motivational through a professional approach and a rigorous analysis of the processes involved.







Our clients, leaders in their activity sectors, international companies in continue development are looking to cover the vacancies in their organization.